With a keen eye for colours, Khurram Salahuddin is a recently graduated Womenswear designer based in Wales.

Until Summer 2020, when Khurram was pursuing his BA in Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

This collection is inspired by my homeland Pakistani pop art Truck art. Truck art is a unique form of art that found by Pakistani called jingle truck.

This collection is a tribute to truck artists who is done an incredible artwork and it reflects the imagination and dreams of every truck artist and also a great platform to promote the artwork on an international level. Truck art is characterised by bright colours, complex floral patterns and poetic calligraphy. Colour palette and textile print trend derived from truck art. For this collection I have designed an exclusive print taken from my primary research. This collection explores digital embroidery, textile digital prints and fusion of colours. Fabric choices are Organza, ditches satin, Monroe satin. This collection showing the richness of culture in a contemporary way by using modern and traditional techniques.