With a love for flamboyance and queer expression, Kieran Pruett or more commonly known as Queen Quieeran is a recently graduated Fashion and Textiles designer based in London.

Until Summer 2022, when Kieran was pursuing their BA in Fashion Textiles and Design at Middlesex University, they had always been passionate about discussing the ways in which we can move away from the gendering of the fashion industry and focus solely on euphoria. Indeed, Kieran wishes to spread their message of unapologetic expression and self love through their designs.

Kieran is a proud non-binary, deformed individual who as an artist and designer wishes to eradicate their insecurities and use them as inspiration for their work. They are drawn to flamboyance, regality and fun and they desire to create garments that exude those very qualities. Through their Graduate Collection entitled ‘Deformed Beauty’, they wished to change the narrative of how they feel about their identity by romanticising their pain regarding their deformity and their transness. Through their textile print work featuring their self portraiture, they have created artistic and personal designs that possess a euphoric and vibrant energy. Additionally, through excessive ruffles and bold silhouettes, they seek to construct garments that make people feel like their most unapologetic selves. In essence, their work is devoted to their younger self, their community and to those who have ever felt alienated or rejected by society: it's all for you.