Strong experimental concepts have always been central in Kieu Vu’s work as a woven textile designer.

Her attraction to exploring new materials has directed her to investigate the possibilities of using human hair in textiles. Kieu is determined to challenge traditional ideas around weaving, and to develop different ways of experiencing fabric today that is unique and even slightly unusual. With a very inquisitive approach to her textiles, she leaves us questioning if the usage of human hair will be normalised in the future, just as it had once been during the Victorian era.

Capillium (Latin: Hair) is a contemporary collection of woven trims and bobbin lace that also features vividly dyed horsehair, but ultimately presents hair as a material that is both attractive, yet possesses dark themes of life and death due to the historical use of it as a memento mori. Each body adornment has a Latin name that is specific to her intentions and techniques when designing them.