This collection is titled Through the Lens. It’s inspired by the woman in constant movement, a seeker, a rebellious spirit who keeps looking for her true self, her purpose in life, her calling. She returns to her roots and faces her past which is a necessary step to move forward in life and be happy. This is her way to object against today’s society entangled in social and political lies, double standards, and rewritten history that keep people away from who they truly are.

Through the process, Slavic mythology dated long before Christianity came to Poland became a metaphor for that life search and a reminder of our origins. Nowadays, Poland positions itself as an ultra-catholic country. At the same time society is full of intolerance, homophobia, and internal conflicts that are far away from the idea of Christianity. A similar thing happens to the USA. That is why this collection refers to magic, rituals, and costumes of pre-Christian Polish folklore combined with the elements of the New Age spiritual movement that is characteristic of American culture. To create that primitive and raw foundation of the collection, only natural textiles from fibers like silk, hemp, cotton, and linen were used.

Multiple treatments were made to bring the whimsical and organic feeling to fabrics e.g creating silk/cotton lace felt, dyeing with natural dyes (flowers, fruits), handcrafting flowers, creating new ways of wearing crystal jewellery. “Through the Lens” means from one’s perspective as everyone has their spiritual path, way to go, and way to see things. Same as for lenses - different lens shows a different perspective of the scene. Just the scene is always the same: a longing for unbothered happiness.