Kirie lea’s collection was heavily inspired by the juxtaposition of traditional samurai to contemporary street culture. The comparison of Tomoe Guzan (the first female samurai) and Tina Turner (singer/songwriter) and how they overcome their personal struggles, reflected on her own negative personal situation and representing herself in the narrative as a phoenix.

During the process of combining traditional Japanese samurai uniforms with modern Bosozoku streetwear. Kirie lea developed her sustainable range by merging her own manufactured bio-textile with kombucha with organic fibre-based fabrics and sustainable wools to prove sustainable clothing can still be fashionable. The handmade bio-textile was used to create a fully biodegradable jacket that could be deposed after use (and cause no negative impacts on the environment) or be returned to the original vat and repair itself.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each look comes with a combination of hand-crocheted knitwear, sustainable dyed fabrics, organic-sourced fabrics and a hand-manufactured bio-textile. Throughout the collection, an insignia of a phoenix is seen as a direct representation of the designer herself. The resulting end products demonstrate sustainable, considered design with a range of materials and processes. A contemporary vision inspired by personal empowerment and traditional Japanese culture.