Ally’s collection was heavily inspired by the LGBTQ community, people of colour, immigrants or any other person that ever felt in some way excluded from the society. While described as different by most for Ally they are ‘extraordinary’ heroes. The brightest diamonds in our world. His idea started with the X-Men, a comic book that inspired Ally and made him feel special about himself. That’s why his outfits are balancing on a fine line of fashion and costume.

During the process of designing his range, Ally decided to create six powerful women that would be a team of his ‘Extraordinary Beings’. He based each look and personality on his closest friends and decided that each of them will be a unique hero of his story. Balancing between silhouettes of costume and fashion he started his range from a corset idea, one of the most controversial fashion pieces. Then he moved on with his drawings and made sure that each outfit has elements of the other. He wanted to show more as a team. He merges both into one by incorporating a colour pallet that consists of pink, purple and blues that in many cases represents unconditional love, imagination and peace.

In his collection Ally made sure that every piece, fabric or colour tells a story on its own some shorts are inspired by a mermaid tail which is a homage to transgender people, many pieces made with PVC that looks different depending on the light which supposed to symbolise different types of love. His work presented a strong and confident collection filled with references and strong personal beliefs about equality and unity. The resulting end products a clash between costumes and fashion that serves both controversial but also a strong message.