Painter and Graphic Designer, Kristine Reiner, presents powerful and contemporary artworks featuring roses. The real roses add texture and dimension to the image, bringing the painting to life. She also specialises in offering classes to help others feel inspired and to create.Inspiration comes from many places, nature and spirituality are my two biggest influences. If I'm really creatively blocked, I look through old art books or magazines.

I usually feel inspired when I don't have the time to create. Which can be extremely frustrating, to help with this issue, I like to make a list of inspirational images, text or symbols I see throughout my day. I then use that list when I have time to sit down in the studio. Most of the time my creations are emotionally charged. If I have been pretty stressed or overworking myself, I feel the need to create. It's almost another sense for me; a needed stress releaser that has its own alarm.
Kristine tries to keep up with relevant world design inspirations. Social media has been a big help, she follows many artists who amaze her with their talents. Sometimes you just need to see someone creating to get that drive going. Kristine doesn’t struggle when it comes to ideas.