The subject of Léa’s graduate collection “Symphonie de l‘esprit” is thematic and timeless at the same time, as she wanted to create a collection that is modern and trend-orientated in a classical way. One will describe it as beautiful even in 20 to 30 years’ time, just as “Swan Lake” written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – a successful composition that was modern in its time and is still adored all around the world centuries later.It is a source of inspiration for numerous young artists with its soft and vigorous sounds that make the audience dream, and so it also became an inspiration for Léa’s collection.

But above all she was attracted by the transformation process from a human being to a swan. She liked the idea of creating something completely new based on an existing shape, a kind of development or metamorphosis – such as from a caterpillar to a butterfly, from the apple seed to an apple tree, ideas implemented to a collection and the transformation from a fashion enthusiast to a graduate fashion designer. Metamorphosis is part of life and life itself is in a permanent process of development. It is a kind of “composition” of various details that you should perceive with all your senses so that in the end it becomes a symphony, the spirits symphony - „symphonie de l'esprit“.

“Symphonie de l’esprit” represents the enchanted forest. The Flowers, insects and mushrooms represent nature. The metamorphosis is reflected by the silhouettes: in the beginning there is the cocoon, then it bursts, passes through various phases of development and achieves perfection in a voluminous wedding dress. At the same time the silhouettes illustrate the chain of thoughts guiding a design process. At first, there is a simple basic concept that undergoes development and ends with the final collection. It may happen that some elements (e.g. a big volume) are created and subsequently dropped, because they do not match the basic idea anymore. Such processes often result in other ideas that help you progress and are thus very important. Metamorphosis is not unidirectional. Sometimes you must take a step back and abandon elements (like the caterpillar its cocoon) to be able to progress. The silhouettes of the collection reflect the developing process by building on one another, but sometimes there are also radical transformations until, at the end, the metamorphosis has been performed. The collection has become a symphony.
Besides the metamorphosis aspect the time aspect is integrated into the concept of the collection. Development does not take place overnight. Sometimes it needs several seasons. This idea establishes the basis of the colour and composition concept. Pastel tones are predominant and adapt to the different seasons. In winter the garments are in white and icy, but soft blue. In spring they are in shades of rosé and apricot. The summer garments are of powerful fuchsia fabric, while in autumn they are in shades of beige. The embellishments are also in line with the seasons – flowers in spring, insects in summer and mushrooms in autumn. The winter season is more or less bare, only some feathers to keep you warm.
The metamorphosis of the collection involves not only inspiration, a lot of time and creative ideas. Even more important is the courage to allow free expression of your ideas and also making mistakes, which might set you back before providing you with new inspiration. And of course, most important for a successful collection is love. Love gives you magical power, just as it did to Odette and her prince (story of Swan Lake)