Having graduated from Fashion Design Institute in Dusseldorf, Germany, as an international fashion designer, Léa Virginie Pozzi is specialized in Haute Couture and Luxury. She acquired a solid experience during her school curriculum and her professional internships in Paris and Amsterdam at Giambattista Valli, Viktor & Rolf and Jean Paul Gaultier..

Léa describes herself as a dreamer - she loves being in her daydreams and getting inspired by the pictures in her mind, which she then turns into sketches. Her romantic, soft and passionate side is in charge of the colours and details in her work, while her ambitious, contemporary and sometimes provocative side commands the shapes and choice of fabric. The young designer enjoys mixing and matching the unusual to create something new, but timeless. Everything she does, she perseus with passion and love, down to every little detail.

Thanks to her vibrant imagination and perseverance, she successfully brought creative design concepts to reality - working on the whole process of sketching, draping / moulage, creating patterns and tailoring of garments for complete collections. All of her garments are handmade and unique.With her collection „Symphonie de l’esprit” she wants to draw attention to the efforts involved in the creation process of a garment. The plentitude of details and the seasonal changes of her collection stand for the expenditure of time and thus the value of each piece. In her opinion, everybody should consider the materials, hours of work and resources for transport that are involved in the fabrication of clothing and appreciate every single garment and become aware of its impact on nature. She thinks that with sustainable consumerism, we can slow down the process of environmental pollution and help nature as much as possible to go through its metamorphosis, reveal itself in all its splendour and delight us with its beautiful variety of flora and fauna which is symbolized by the details of her collection.She strives to raise awareness and impact the fashion industry towards more compassion for the environment and regognizing value.