La Barbera FW 2020-21 Collection ‘Oggetti Quotidiani’ focuses on the relationship between people and objects. The starting point of the collection is a series of trips that the designer took in London, Paris and Milan. Where he purely observed the people walking on the streets during their daily routines. From the thousands of images collected it is possible to see how everyone in the pictures was carrying something and inevitably was influenced in his behaviour by the objects carried.

Several documentary photographers have been approaching photography from a voyeuristic point of you. They were portraying everyday life in its serendipitous moments. It was not the places and objects portrayed, but the places and objects becoming the people. So this collection started as a mere attempt to portray everyday life in the 21st century. Experimental fittings were organised to recreate the pictures collected. Styling, composition and colours started informing the 3D process. This gave the opportunity to not think about gender or kind of garments, but only think about the feeling and the story that those objects and garments were conveying thanks to their combination.

The collection is conceived as, as a set of clashing, off-key, mismatched looks that reflects the randomness of the people walking on the streets. A selection of everyday objects was made to use as inspiration as napkins, letters, cutlery, boxes and brushes... The silhouettes are taken from the photographs, most of the times people are portrayed from the back ending up with a misterious elongated figure. The colours are neutrals and materialias a mix of luxury and functional as: heavy silks, cotton twills, cotton shirtings, light wools,jerseys and paper. One of the key materials is the combo of lace bonded with a lightweight handmade paper creating unique pieces. The mix of these ingredients is going to be the recipe to create everyday artisanal garments that can be treasured in a woman’s closet.