When the summer of 2021 is coming, Lang Jin will gradate from BE Fashion Jewellery in London College of Fashion. As a generation Z born in China and studied in the UK, she was attracted to Chinese classical culture; meanwhile, she gets a crush on street culture which originated from the west.

Lang grew up in a peaceful and solitary town in northeaster China (the cold-east area). Her childhood was filled with ice and snow, vast plains and high blue skies. Hence, she is nostalgic for the aesthetic style of being natural, fresh, crispy and clean.

Lang often draws inspiration from the literature, poetry music and daily routines. She likes to pay attention to the everyday aesthetics and understands the surrounding in a poetic way. She often records the emotion and thoughts of the moments by words and later transform into designs. Specifically, the motivation of the transforming words into jewellery design is the obsession of objects. As a designer, her methodology for work is to integrate all different elements that have impacted and inspired her Personal experience. So the design process for Lang is to resolve conflict.

Lang’s goal is to understand the world and touch others fields through materials. Through the art and design, I intend to connect the past and the present, my work and other people, China and the world. In order to achieve the goal, she plan to run her own brand with friends after graduation, and take advantage of the opportunity of travelling between the UK and China to absorb different cultures form her own characteristics.