Larissa Hazejager is a menswear design graduate from UCA Epsom. Born in the Netherlands but raised internationally, she has a wide perception of the world and the people in it.

Her background has continuously influenced her work, a mix between East and West, the heritage of such cultures and the stories of all among them. Specifically she focused on the Peranakans local to the Malaysian Archipelago, where the western culture had a massive influence throughout the development of the area. They are themselves a product of multicultural customs and values, and heavily practice adornment in traditions in both life and death. This collection carries the idea of embracing life through the action of adornment. The modern man is one who wants to embrace “otherness” in all facets of his life. His wardrobe of exuberant colour, a touch of femininity and the gentle grace of metaphorical jewellery.

Constantly searching for new ideas and knowledge, everything inspires her. Passionate to push herself to learn more, and create within and outside the spheres of the world.