Laura Gacci’s collection celebrates success and failure in the workplace. Often, in fact, behind an objective are many failures. These last ones are needed for ‘build’ the steps of a solid staircase that leads to success. Practicality and uniqueness join together and translate into a combination of different materials and in the originality of the construction cuts that recall the elegance of the lines of Art Noveau. The woman’s collection is active, with masculine attributes, great femininity and a strong desire to assert herself.

During the process of overturning traditional work suits, Laura developed a sporty-chic style employing rich Jacquard fabrics for suits and dresses with a wide and masculine line. The use of different fabrics in the cuts that make up the clothes transmits a distorted image and creates original drawings that remember Orientalism. In addition to this, the designer has created apparently chaotic manipulations through the use of ribbon of different sizes and materials. These ribbons have been bent over themselves and partly left free to symbolize the ups and downs of our life experiences. The introduction of many construction cuts, in addition to responding to aesthetic needs, is determined by the fact that materials have been recovered from company waste. We can also find the use of sustainable and ecological materials such as Ràfia combined with Denim. Being fashionable in a sustainable way is the ‘step’ that precedes the finish line to achieve work success.
the gaze of a modern artist.
The collection conveys a very strong message: the job must become an artistic creation. The pursuit of success is the greatest ambition of the man. The combination among the respect for itself and the respect for the other people and things is the key for a happy world. Sporty and elegant mix together and forge the worker’s identity of the future, attentive to raw materials, details and in continuous search for innovative and alternative solutions.