Laura Grisci's collections are oftentimes inspired by elements from nature and history. Her deep love for learning about different epochs, cultures and customs lead Laura to fully embrace extensive written and visual research when developing her pieces. Her objective is always to create timeless pieces both physically and symbolically.

Laura's design process often starts with a spark of inspiration in the most random times, leading her to sketch out rough ideas and develop a later extensive research into shapes, history, symbolism and materials, which will all combine into moodboards, thumbnails and final renders, which will later be either directly manufactured by the designer, using traditional metalsmith techniques, or digitally modeled, 3d printed and later metal casted.

Due to her thriving passion for history, Laura has been using Renaissance's ornaments, such as Armor, weapons and antique jewellery to redesign and create new contemporary designs that combine symbolisms such as strength, protection an leadership to feminility and delicacy, as a contrasting criticism of the structural misogyny from the society and the position of a woman in it, as part of her Rubi Armor collection. Her most recent collection, Sakura, inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms, brings light to her love of nature and it's shapes, and has as an objective the use of the same original and central design's shape for the creation of the whole collection, as branches from the same tree.