Inspired by Smokey Mountain II in the Philippines, and moved by the Japanese culture of mending and treating your clothes well I wanted to create a collection that portrays love and care as well as an ironical take on contemporary consumption culture.

The collection is a playful take on the deconstruction of garments, aiming to portray how we have some many unnecessary garments. Various looks of the collection consist of garments merged together which can be worn in multiple ways by buttoning them up in various places.


Deconstructed shirts merged together, visually represent the concept of overconsumption. They have the essence of a variety of deconstructed garments such as jackets and shirts merged together, whilst still looking like a cohesive garment which can be worn in a variety of ways, either layered or alone letting the parts of the garment drape.

The collection will include tailored outerwear, such as coats and jackets made with tailoring techniques, a few deconstructed garments which visually represent the concept of the collection and draped dresses with overlapping folds.