Laura Merrett’s SS20 graduate collection ‘It Started in Naples’; designed for a bold and powerful high-flying city woman, who in turn favours a more whimsical vacation style wardrobe for the summer seasons, mixing heritage tailoring with a soft flowing drape. The 1960 film ‘It Started in Naples’, featuring Sophia Loren and Clark Gable, formed the starting point for this collection with the film providing both historical and geographical information.

The concept has a strong focus on a vacation style wardrobe, with the idea of the young city woman travelling to Italy for vacation on and around the island of Capri. The colour and print inspiration comes from the landscape and architecture, but also with silhouette being inspired by many of the high-flying Hollywood stars from the Golden Era, such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who turned the island into a major tourist destination. The artisanal culture of the region, also inspired the choice of fabrics within the collection as well as colours used and methods of print. Where possible the collection has been created using either recycled or organic fibres.


Another key element within this collection is the use of print, which has been influenced strongly by the landscape of the region, including the native plants and flowers. The prints for this collection were developed in collaboration and were produced using a variety of watercolour paints and drawings inks in combination with pen sketches. The result of this collection is a hybrid of traditional and contemporary tailoring and draping.