Laura-Shannon’s collection was heavily inspired by festival culture; predominantly focusing on The Burning Man and its 10 Principles.

‘Make Everyday a Festival’ is heavily influenced by the ‘Radical Self-Reliance’ principle, (which symbol replicates a flower shape), from The Burning Man Festival; encouraging people to discover and express themselves and rely on their inner resources.


3D flowers take form as sleeves and chap legs, featuring wavy shapes which have been created through applique and intricate panelling techniques. The importance of slow-fashion is recognised in these pieces as they radiate uniqueness through the 3D shape construction and the overabundance of sequins; Laura-Shannon creates embellished pieces that stand out from the crowd.


A hard and bold colour palette reinforces the ecentric look of the collection, alongside the use of a soft, zebra print as a basis for embellishment. Creating her own prints allows Laura-Shannon to put a stamp of her personality on even her most simple garments.

Lasercut technology was used to create acylic accessories and body jewellery, the acrylic coinciding with the fur and sequins create an exciting mix of textures that appeal to all senses.


Illustrations are created using various forms of media, including oil pastels, marker pens, colour pencils and Adobe software; Laura-Shannon’s illustrative style brings out the playful nature of her designs.