Lauren Broome’s collection originated from discovering family photographs of the whaling stations on South Georgia. After researching into the life of the whalers Lauren took inspiration from suiting and, together with her development and knowledge on 3D pleating, she worked to merge the two crafts. The development of her 3D pleats grew as she created ways to make bigger garments without the pleat pattern size restrictions being a hindrance.

To produce the 3D pleats Lauren made and developed pleat patterns which are tied together and steamed. Lauren blends her colour pallet using colour blocking on her garments thereby creating bold statements. After starting to develop pleat patterns, Lauren ended up using a variety of sizes including: 4cm; 5cm; 6cm and 10cm chevron patterns; and a knife pleat. These different sizes create an interesting texture for the garments especially when mixed with lighter and darker fabrics which show up the pleating differently under various lights. These techniques give an innovate look for blazers and her other designs.

Construction of the garments is very methodical, with some garments needing to be half-lined before pleating and finishing the final pleat. Another key detail is on some of the hems which allows the hems to keep their ornate detail. The final collection uniquely blends geometric pleating shapes with softer tones of Lauren’s relaxed silhouettes.