My collection was initially inspired by a trip to Ibiza where, at the Ushuaia Club, my interest was sparked by the dancers and aerial acrobats featured during the music sets. The performers were dressed in fishnet, Wetlook strapping and skin-tight catsuits. From here I researched circus performers for silhouette and fabric inspiration and came across a ringmaster inspired vintage Mugler jacket. This added the tailoring aspect to my collection.

During this project I worked a lot with fabric manipulation, experimenting with a range of fabrics to create the shapes I was looking for. Frill is a large aspect of the collection that I found throughout my circus research, I enjoyed playing around with frill in my fabrics to see what different results I could achieve. As well as a frill, I have featured curved seams and pintucks throughout my work to trick the eye into seeing the hourglass shape. All of these center around the idea of a collection that accentuates the female form, with frills at the shoulders and hips, curved seams coming into the waist and deep v-necks, all aspects of design to celebrate the female body.

Using a mix of wool, sheer fabrics, vinyl and fishnet I designed a collection of sexy but sophisticated statement garments. To me, the traditional idea of ‘occasionwear’ brings floor-length gowns to mind. Inspired by luxury brands such as Thierry Mugler, Saint Laurent, and Mcqueen, I have created a collection showing what I think modern occasionwear looks like, focusing on garments like fitted trousers, statement jackets, and v-neck playsuits.