Its 2017, acid attacks in London were frequent as well as consistent fears of terrorist related plots looming in the air for most Londoners. At the time, Lauren (founder of Cutforth & Conquer) had been busy immersing herself in as many British music festivals she could get her hands on, she adored the fashion, and the constant reference of 70’s sequins and fashion was hard to ignore, “I suffered terrible with transport related anxiety so festivals were a good way of escaping reality”.

Part of her coping mechanisms was working out what emergency protocols were in place just incase the worst happened, then one day as she finished watching the end of Austin Powers she give birth to a story:- “ Disco Never Dies: a story of a bond girl who saves lives on the tube but MUST be at the Disco for 8pm”. Using this fictional narrative she was able to create a truly unique concept for designing shoes. “People love a story in fashion and I have a vivid imagination controlled by ADHD, its a sort of dynamic duo at times”. The development process also needed to have minimum impact on the life of bee’s, so we abolished anything that wasnt organic.

Lauren was bursting with creativity after this, she fully immersed herself into finding the correct fabrics, interrogated all avenues of research and decided in true “MI5” style to lift the bar and do something innovative, technological and genius. She utilised 3D printing, and recreated an Emergency Hammer heel and she also taught herself morse-code, which inspired the interweaved pattern on the 0-002 boot- We will let you in on a secret, it spells “Cutforth & Conquer”.