Lauren Matthews is a fashion designer from a small seaside town in Essex, who studied Fashion Design with Marketing and Production at the University of Huddersfield. She has been deeply inspired by the sea life throughout her years at University, which comes through in her elegant, ultra-feminine yet bold designs. The main focus and drive for her Graduate Collection was sustainability: she took a different approach to the frequently-tackled issues surrounding the environmental impact of the fashion industry, creating a collection which aims to have zero negative impact by using waste fabric to create the garments.

Throughout her final collection, Lauren combined draping, layering, pleating, flouncing and gathering to create shape and silhouette inspired by coral reefs. The bridal / eveningwear collection not only aimed to be sustainable by using waste materials, but encourages circular fashion as the garments were designed to be bridal pieces which could be worn again as eveningwear. The hues of ivory and subtle hints of silver in the collection make it timeless and more focussed towards the concept, in addition to making it easier to re-wear as evening pieces, and pair up separates with other items.