Lauren’s collection was based on SCOPAESTHESIA, the non-visual detection of staring. The self-conscious feeling of being watched and the paranoia of feeling stared at can become an overwhelming sensation and can naturally cause someone to hide away. The initial feeling of being trapped within yourself and other individuals watching you can be an un-nerving situation until you develop that glimmer of confidence that out powers everything around you.

The collages displayed were starting points to gather silhouette and formation ideas for Lauren’s collection. The silhouettes were developed as the collection evolved, revealing a new sense on confidence and a response to the self-conscious stares. Fabrics such as wadding and neoprene portrays a secure protection layer to the individual as well as mesh and embroidery demonstrating the delicacy of someones mind and emotions. Through the toiling stage, the designs developed and evolved by experimenting with materials such as elastic to produce more irregular shaping and texture.

The collection has a resounding feeling, the boldness of silhouettes and colour demonstrates the confidence that Lauren herself once lacked. The use of white space and garments reveals a sense of stillness to absorb the surroundings and emotions. The repetition of some garments relates back to the continuous pain of feeling watched. The mix of unusual colours presents a breathe of fresh air, crisp yet protective feeling, creating a safe environment.