Lavinia’s inspiration derived from the observation that marks in clothes are a record of the days events. She watched people's interactions in daily life and noticed the marks, creases and folds left behind in the fabric. It is her interpretation that to make a crease in this way is a form of notation, with the fabric recording and preserving our experiences in real-time. Lavinia has used this process to inform her designs and create jewellery that shows similar marks and imprints, continually picking up knocks, scrapes and damage when worn.

The intension of Lavinia’s collection was to preserve the marks made as a tangible link to a past moment. Her material tests led her to use wax in her jewellery, noticing that a sheet of wax will mark and crease in a similar manner to clothes, but can later be cast in metal to preserve the changed form.

She also found that the structural contrast between the jewellery's original form and its used form represented the time that passed while it was worn. She integrated this in her designs by placing the changeable wax against an unvarying support that takes the form of a number to specify the hours, days or weeks over which the wax changes take place.

Further developing her designs Lavinia explored numbers on the body. Their geometric shape became an integral part of each piece as they also determine the jewellery's shape and placement on the body. Lavinia made sketch models to find the most appropriate placement for each of her pieces and then proved her concept by testing her designs and observing the changes over time.

Impressions of Time collection line up:

1 Hour Earring, 2 Week Earring, 3 Day Bangle, 4 Hour Brooch, 5 Week Bangle, 6 Day Bangle, 7 Day necklace, 8 Hour Ring, 9 Week Brooch, Continual 0 Ring.

These pieces are one of a kind, unique to the wearer and should provoke an emotional response. Preserved in steel and gold, Lavinia sees these pieces as a having a similar function to engraved jewellery, only instead of representations in lettering and dates, this contemporary interpretation captures real traces of the wearer’s experience.