Based on how body modifications are seen as normal nowadays, Lawrence intended to accelerate the process on a much larger scale; envisioning a future society with synthesised human.

We, as the beacon of evolution seek for greater strength and abilities beyond our corpse could offer, therefore, the “upgrade” becomes a must for surviving in such crucial environment.

Exoskeleton formation, muscle enhancement, and all sorts of modification that changes the appearance of the body are the inspiration of this collection.

I want to create a unique silhouette to represent the sense of “future.” Not only shapes that doesn’t previously exist, but also bring more interaction between wearer and garments.

With extremely precise and intricate 3D-pattern making technique specifically developed for this collection, I am able to sculpt the delicate space between garments and the wearer. Building the understructure and exoskeleton to create an organic exaggerated body parts that also react with movements.