Born in the Philippines and raised in the UK, Leo John Caligan's work has a heavy influence on his Filipino heritage combined with his upbringing as an Asian immigrant. He graduated from Manchester School Of Art in BA Fashion Design in 2019.

Leo John offers bold, colourful alternative androgynous designs. Exploring the Philippines' traditional crafts, alongside modern hand-rendered textiles and graphic silhouettes. Experimenting with dissimilar materials and merging them to create contemporary and innovative designs.

‘Las Sala De Filipinas’ researches the evolution of where the Filipino culture has come from, questioning the identity of the Philippines by exploring the westernisation and domestication through the Spanish colonisation.

Investigating interiors and exteriors of houses post-Spanish colony with creative pattern cutting inspired by furniture. Using a mixture of natural materials, and the use of old and damaged upholstery leather that would end up in landfill combined with abaca (banana fibre) and piña (pineapple fibre) which are handwoven materials traditionally used to make the national costume of the Philippines.

Basing his hand-printed textiles from basket weaving and using the nursery rhyme 'Bahay Kubo' (nipa huts) for the graphic fonts. His collection also features handwoven leathers with hand stitching, as well as leather bags with hand-carved details.