Leumas S.T. is an emerging luxury brand created with culture, accessibility, and longevity at the forefront. Founder, Jakarta believes that everyone should experience some sort of luxury while on this earth rather it’s fashion, food, or art – if they so desire! Through her passion for designer clothing she decided to create a brand that makes this achievable, and be a relatable figure behind the scenes of development.

As a black woman founder making a bold entrance into an industry that is sealed with amazing designers, she realized that quality and exclusiveness are a couple of keys to slipping into the industry. Furthermore, Leumas S.T. hopes to cater to a customer base who knows who they are. Their goal is implement timeless styles that that can be highlighted with the client’s touch. This entails being allowed to customize some items within standards. Currently this option is only available for members who join their Orange VIP Crew (OVC), along with exclusive offerings and rewards. Founder mentions, these are not your normal rewards. She states, crew members will be allowed to initially highlight exclusive items and new launches. Their goal is to make this program so exclusive – crew members get the first insight, and always save.

Leumas S.T. is still being introduced in the industry, and pressing through the climb. The company was built from a founder who had vision, dreamed it, and start doing it. Their distinctive logo, name, and features screams we are here to stay!