As a designer that specialises in menswear, Liberty Victoria is constantly pushing boundaries in creating sustainable garments that portray a sense of humour.

Until Summer 2021, Liberty was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at University of East London where she remained committed to creating a collection that represents individuality and a positive fashion approach through sustainable techniques.

Liberty’s collection explores the personification of football and how it inflicts passion, dedication and ambition upon individuals from an early age in classic British culture. It denotes how football stimulates aspirations and identity with an association of community within inheritance of football teams. As well as analysing sociolect and nostalgia in the form of childhood experiences which shape who they become, a new generation of football fans.

The fabric used within the collection ensures that each garment is sustainable and holds a previous story which will become a part of someone else's story each time it is passed on. Furthermore, each garment is unique and the fabrication is a dictation into how the garment will evolve, meaning no two designs will ever be the same.

Liberty’s collection was selected for the catwalk show at Graduate Fashion Week and during this time her collection was selected by judges for the Best of 2021 catwalk show.