With a keen eye for upcycling and reconstruction, Lili Sipeki is a recently graduated Womenswear designer based in Manchester.

Until Summer 2020, Lili was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at the University of Chester where she found an interest and begun experimenting with sustainable design techniques. She continued her exploration during her MA studies at Kingston University and created her first sustainable collection using her Hungarian heritage as inspiration to bring a new perspective to streetwear style. She investigates how aesthetic sustainability can be achieved, evoking a nostalgic sense of history and tradition through heritage to provoke personal reflection and facilitate mindful consumption.

Her collection ‘KALOCSA’ explores ways to incorporate traditional Hungarian influences with contemporary fashion and sustainability through the re-construction and repurposing of waste denim and deadstock fabrics.

Inspired by traditional Hungarian embroidery motifs, Lili experimented with various application methods to repurpose the waste scrap denim like hand painting, bleaching, patch-work and applique techniques. She created her own pattern which is a key feature of the collection. Exploring the dynamic relation between durable aesthetic experiences and sustainability, Lili produced garments that tell a story and spark discussions, creating a long-lasting emotional bond.