After months in and out of lockdown, Lillie Bell wanted to create a playful, conscious collection that oozed happiness & joy. ‘Come Picnic With Me’ was inspired by the idea of the upcoming summer picnics she would have with her best friends, once lockdown shifted. Sunny days, yummy picnics, blue skies and laughter inspired Lillie to create a bright, comfortable, feminine collection, made entirely with organic fabrics; so wearers can be kind to themselves and our planet.

During the process of combining comfort with femininity, Lillie developed her womenswear range through exploring different fabric manipulation techniques to play with texture and stretch, whilst maintaining breathability and comfort. During the design process, Lillie also developed hand-drawn prints for her fabric, using a warm colour palette and adopting a child-like style to create a playful feel. For this collection Lillie designed 3 different prints, the Cherry Gingham, the Sunny Clouds, and the Strawberry. Each print is paired with a different textured silhouette, creating a some-what feminine elegance. By incorporating stretch, breathability, texture, prints and silhouette, Lillie has removed the boundary between feminine womenswear and comfort.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different combination of pattern cutting, fabric manipulation techniques and finishing. Lillie’s collection ‘Come Picnic With Me’ oozes happiness and joy, and further portrays the picnic to be not only an activity, but a state of mind. The collection demonstrates a fusion between freedom, happiness, comfort, femininity and a child-like presence.