Lily Prescott's passion for menswear occurred in her second year of study at Winchester School of Art after re-making and re-designing one of Thom Brownes SS19 outfits. From there her collections have drawn from a variety of vintage menswear sources, ranging from the gangs of New York in the 19th Century to the Everest expeditions in the 20th. The collection is a symbol of her dedication and care with hand knotted macrame and even top stitching carried out meticulously. Within her design process she has a strong interest in developing her own textile prints to accompany her garment work, taking inspiration from both art and cultural histories and representing them respectfully.

Her overall design aesthetic aims to provide the menswear market with pieces that allow someone to dress in traditionally male silhouettes which have been warped into something artistically lewd. She has a knack for broad and in-depth research which fuel her work, each collection is unique but still retains her essence as a designer when accompanied by her crafts techniques and unique perspectives.