“See you in the fog” is set at a summer night rave in a forest outside of Stockholm. It is referencing the teenage fear of not fitting into an adult world, and their attempts to adapt and finding out who they are. The results are silhouettes that are glamorous and fabulous and celebrating individuality and self love. It deals with a world of opposing contrasts, where natural rawness meets artificiality, tradition juxtaposes new social norms and trash left at a party contrasts new ways of preserving nature.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide, so therefore Linus Leonardsson has been adapting his fabric choices a lot to what was available from other people's leftovers. Astonishingly, the result is a mix of cashmeres, silks, tweeds and laces which are combined with some newly bought technical fabrics and materials that add shine and sparkle. Furthermore, focus has also been on adapting the re-used fabrics to personalise them, and making own fabrics by knitting and crocheting.

One of the main goals with “See you in the fog” was to erase expectations on gender based fashion. To Leonardsson, limiting oneself to menswear or womenswear alone is a thing of the past, and by not coding garments by gender it is possible to redefine what it means to be a person in modern society.