Linxi Zhu's collection aims to challenge a traditional way of knitting and establishes a new perception of how knitted textiles can be created through the combination of unconventional materials with yarns. Her aim is to try and find beauty in the imperfection and translate it into knitted fabrics. Inspired by irregularities in X-ray images, she makes knitted fabrics and garments without employing any traditional pattern cutting techniques.

She was inspired by the Milwaukee brace which is a back brace used in the treatment of spinal curvatures present in children. This brace can provide support to the body and minimise the progression to an acceptable level. She became captivated with its structure and hard material and utilised its design into the knitting to achieve the same supportive feature. This project translates the X-ray visually into the form of knitted fashion. Likewise, it also shows the conceptual spine in various ways. The use of mix-media is the highlight of my collection. 

Fascinated by the challenge of making pattern pieces without cutting fabric or fashioning knitted panels, she makes garments from simple shapes. Using post machine processes, she manipulates simple squares and circles into complex 3D forms. Her garments form their own silhouettes so there is no wastage in production.