Linyun Yu’s collection ‘LEAN’ was inspired by psychological phenomenon of grudgingly grouping together in social interaction. Leon Festinger argued that people depend on social reality to determine the subjective validity of their attitudes and opinions, and that they look to their reference group to establish social reality. An opinion or attitude is therefore valid to the extent that it is similar to that of the reference group- conformity.

Linyun did experiment of patterns inserting in different parts of clothes, including those in the front, along the princess line, and in the back, on the basis of the pattern of workplace suits. When the inserted patterns reached a certain amount, added patterns on the clothes make the suit's centre of gravity lean towards a certain direction. The posture of people in the suit will lean to the corresponding directions.

Linyun expressed the phenomenon of people grouping together by stacking clothing. When clothes were stacked to some extent, the whole clothes will collapse out of a gravity, which corresponding to the movie ‘Die Welle’. If people always keep to the beaten track in a collective for a long time or are bounded to the subtle osmosis of discipline, people will lose themselves gradually. In view of the three colours black, white and red in the film she chose them as the mass-tone attune of the series.