I’m unpredictable, I look stale, but I’m always going, I never know where I’m flowing to, but I always reach the ocean I’m formless, yet I take the most random beautiful shapes, there’s nothing more clear than me, yet you can choose to see the rainbows in sky or the world beneath in me. Liza Agarwal’s graduate collection ‘ABSTRUSE WATER’- an avant-garde collection that draws its inspiration from water, comparing it to unpredictability of life. The aerial view of water by various photographers all across the globe act as inspiration for her exploration and generation of intricate hand crafted textures and colouration techniques. The innovative use of waste plastic and left over material draws attention to the pollution and human impact on the precious resource.

Form manipulation played the key role in achieving those organic abstract shapes. Liza explores waters beauty through mix media to achieve these textures that show the life in water, using leftover materials that matched colour palette like gauze, thread, foam, fur, felt, net, organza to creatively imprint the waterbodies aerial looks, around six trials of techniques and deigns led to final selection of the embroideries that developed the textures and intricate details. The texture development was a back and forth process. Designing something abstract also has its own set of rules. Achieving a look that is as easy going as water, but also as integrated was the thought that took the journey ahead for her. Fabric pleating, gathering, appliqué, cording, couching , machine embroidery were the techniques explored for texturing.

The Plastic layer was decide after a lot limitations coming across the research from other materials as in, from fibre optics, to visual display screen, to silicone- gel, liquid and sheets. Thereafter recycled Pvc rolls and Pvc sheets were used in the main garment. Liza developed the plastic layer’s prints from direct images of aerial view of water, juxtaposed together with colour variation keeping the waters beauty intact. After being printed and sewn together they are heat treated bringing out the fluidity in them.

Liza while taking the research ahead realises that water is larger than life and cannot be contained solely to pret, where-as wearable art might reach a broader spectrum of individuals, communicating the message to be acutely aware towards plastic usage and water pollution. Hence the collections journey towards avant-garde fashion began. This is Liza’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, she was only able to create look one of her collection, and would have loved to see the rest of her collection come to life.