Like Alexandra David-Neel, the first French woman adventurer in Tibet, Frederique and Loane, they too, embarked on an adventure with as much desire, audacity and perseverance as their female role model. After years spent in big fashion houses, Frederique followed the idea launched last summer by her daughter: to create their own brand: "I made my mark in houses like 1,2,3, Balmain and others. When my daughter suggested that I launch a brand, I didn’t resist for long.

A passion that she has passed on to her daughter gave birth to the Lo Neel project. The Lo Neel brand has brought about a certain change in lifestyle, born from multiple inspirations such as their various trips. The symbol of the Peacock they chose to highlight the finesse, femininity, freshness and dynamism of a brand marked by youth and renewal.

It is a vegan brand using materials such as pineapple leather or soya fiber. They confess that it is also a question of a desire to ride the vegan wave which, according to Loane, "has not been sufficiently exploited within luxury brands". A harmony between what they are and their brand that is depicted on all points: respect for human beings and respect for the environment. Indeed, mother and daughter choose India for the fabrics and creations; they pay particular attention to the working conditions of the employees of the chosen manufacturer. Finally, both give primary importance to human, animal and environmental ethics.

The result: Unusual vegan materials such as pineapple, eucalyptus or banana fibre as well as recycled and organic materials. All the work of LO NEEL is certified by OEKO-TEX and PINATEX. Many values are highlighted thanks to the ancestral know-how of Indian craftsmen for developing unique pieces, dotted with Manos details and exclusive embroideries. Lo Neel believes that by producing Eco-responsible collections we are able to rediscover the harmony with our planet and people as well as to move towards a more respectful world.