Lois was inspired by a creative setting project taught in Central Saint Martins, introducing that there is play in stone setting that allows for artistry. After a year long process of experimenting with materials and shape, this idea developed into her graduation collection - One Sheet Fits All.

Through her novel experiments she discovered a new direction - creating an aesthetically bold collection from a single sheet of brass. Being able to transform 2-Dimensional sheets into wearable sculptures is the beauty of the project. In her development into unique stone setting, allowing the personality of each stone to shine through has become an integral aspect of Lois’ vision.

Enveloping smokey quartz within sculptured brass rings was the focus of her award-winning collection. She is currently developing a new project using different types of stones and materials to allow new personalities to shine through. A particular feature she hopes to retain is stackable rings within the project. In the future, she envisions to expand over into collections of earrings and bracelets.