“QUEER REVOLUTION” x Lorenzo Seghezzi is inspired by the Italian queer revolution between the late 70s and early 80s, its bound with punk movements and arts. The goal of this collection is to criticise how extreme machismo and masculinity were and still are a huge problem in the queer community. His personal view of masculinity is emphasised with strong silhouettes with wide shoulders and tiny waistlines in the first half of the collection while the second part frees itself from this toxic machismo showing a more soft and slim shape.

Contrast between hard and soft is an important aspect of the collection even when materials and colours are concerned. Black and white are paired with more mild colours such as beige and ocher and with the bright strong orange hat makes all the zippers pop out. All the prints are handmade with acrylic colours and bleach except for some shirts made with nude tulle with a tattoo-like digital print.