L’ORIGINE represents a global development of Afro Diaspora culture: Urban Afroism.  Established in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, L’ORIGINE operates across platforms ranging from menswear to lifestyle coverage and heritage building, at once reflecting and engaging the growing awareness of urban youth ever connected to their roots.

Leading this ambiguous practice is a strong emphasis on experimentation and collaboration, without losing the unique vision. The synthesis of upmost creative minds translates through the development and presentation of masterpieces with their own narrative and directive.

L’ORIGINE is founded by two Dutch born Ghanaians: Dyllan Ahinful & Jeffrey Mensah. In January 2020 Jeffrey Mensah officially left the company and Dyllan Ahinful is leading the brand alone ever since. In late April 2014, the two had a conversation about life and creating a legacy. They initiated the idea, of starting something for themselves. The idea was easily linked to their passion, fashion. The Brand is an embodiment of an autodidactic style of working. Both Guys didn’t study fashion and took the challenge to start a brand based on their own feel for fashion.