Her graduate collection was inspired by the physical form of crystals and geodes. The use of cubic and shard like forms played a huge role in her inspiration for the silhouettes, creating room for experimental construction techniques and original shapes.

From her initial inspiration she focuses mainly on the shape of her collection through draping on the stand and then begin investigating different pattern cutting and construction techniques to create crystal- like structures using upholstery fabrics such as organdie. While the use of strong structures was her original concept for the collection, she developed her work to combine with eveningwear by using elegant, draped fabrics such as silk and velvet that would create a contrast of hard and soft in the collection.

Each piece in the “Crystalize” collection has a unique sense of drama through the hybrid of fashion and sculpture, where each outfit contains a crystal like form that allows each one to stand out individually. Through her use of structured silhouettes and seam lines Lorna’s design resembles armour, displaying her warrior women narrative. She also shows sense of playfulness through her use of painted on puff binder; adding a boldness and fun to the collection.