Louise Desoeuvre’s AW/20 collection ‘Magnificence of the East’ is inspired by her Russian and Breton heritage. It is an emotional and powerful tribute to her great-grandfather, Ivan Ivanovitch. a Cossack, obligated to leave Russia during the revolution in the early 20th Century. He and his brother, Vassili Ivanovitch, survived and came to France. They lost everything but always kept their dignity. Louise was inspired by their strength and elegance to create powerful designs.

After coming to power, the bolsheviks set up a campaign of repression, trying to eradicate the Cossacks as a reactionary force opposed to communism. Under the communist regime, most of the Cossacks were exiled to Siberia, the most rebel were executed. Some of them remained and were the guardians of the traditions. Their culture survived in traditional songs, dances and horse riding techniques known around the world. The Cossack’s motto, ‘for Faith, Tsar and Fatherland’ led Louise to explore Russian archives and research digitised manuscript archives from the past centuries in order to design garments inspired by religious and military dress.

With a passion for archives and story-telling, Louise aims to create garments for elegant, strong and audacious women. She often uses menswear as an inspiration. The key silhouettes of her Graduate Collection are deeply inspired by Cossack military uniforms and fluid peasant blouses with oversized bishop sleeves. Some organza blouses and dresses brings sheerness and fluidity, contrasting with structured military pieces. The collection has been created to empower women through structured and sheer garments.