Loulwa Miyamatsu Renouard de Valliere is French and Japanese twenty years old designer. She grew up in Monaco and attended Italian fashion school, Istituto Marangoni in Paris where she studies Fashion design during three years. Loulwa Miyamatsu has been selected among the ten best designers of her promotion which gave her the opportunity to be part of the school annual fashion show, a digital one, produced by AVOIR.

For her first capsule collection “ An everlasting summer” Loulwa welcomes us to her family home and in the heart of the French countryside. The idea behind this collection is to transform the working environment into something romantic, to merge elegance and functionality, while studying adding a Japanese sensibility that is part of the designers identity.

“Nostalgia, when guided bu our senses and nature, is a powerful and sincere phenomenon, that helps stimulate the mind as well as arouses more emotion and creativity. For that reason there is an importance to pay a particular attention to it.” That is the message Loulwa Miyamatsu Renouard de Valliere hopes to deliver with this collection.