Lubomira Olahova doesn’t know where the future will take her but ambitions are open and endless. If Lubomira gets an opportunity to work for a well known brand, or a start up brand with a great ethical and sustainable future she would be more than happy to take such paths. However one of her biggest goals would be to open up her own brand, which ideally, Lubomira would love to do as soon as she leaves University. Besides designing imagination away, Lubomira loves the idea of contributing to the economy and providing people with safe and fair jobs that they would absolutely love. Also bringing joy and fulfilling to the consumers’ needs or wants with her designs sounds like a great challenge that she wants to take.

This collection's main inspiration is a monumental building called ‘Slavin’ in Bratislava Slovakia. It was built as a memorandum for the soviet army soldiers who fell in WW2. The architecture itself is of a communist character, and because of her Slovakian background where her parents and grandparents lived through the hardship of communism, a lot of elements in the collection reflect this reality. The exposed side seams represent the fence that was built around Czechoslovakia, and the lack of freedom that we had; all peaces look as if they were falling apart and have unfinished hems and neck holes to reflect on the destruction of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Lubomira wanted to contrast these brutal characteristics with a use of felt which is on the other hand very soft, and foreshadows the bright future for Slovakians. This fabric is used in combination with denim in order to bring a modern element into the collection.