The collection ‘BeDazzled’ captures the shimmering glamour of Peruvian dress which is rich in embellishment, colour and story. It identifies the unique ethnic cultures and regional costumes of Peru by exploring colour, pattern and handcrafts of Peruvian costume and textiles through contemporary embellishments.

Peruvians expressed themselves in ideograms, and the design and ornamentation of each garment expressed the hierarchy, marital status, social position and character of the wearer. Cosmic influence can be heavily felt in the garments as they are embellished with mirrors, metals and ribbons as a form of identity and communication. When the sun’s rays are reflected in the mirrors, they are said to give out bright signals that attract men; known as ‘Qoyllurichiy’ to decorate with stars and to shine.

The project explores the boundaries of handcraft by experimenting with innovative and sustainable materials and techniques such as weave, print and embroidery. The collection focuses on a weaving technique where recycled hand-cut plastic is intricately woven into mesh, playing around with vivid blended colours and geometric shapes.