Lucy Ratcliff recently graduated from the University of Brighton after studying Fashion Design with Business Studies for 4 years. Her collection investigates the two sides of her own feminine expression. The demure pink and pretty outward presentation and the dark sensual inner presentation.

Women can be powerful in pink

Through exploring her passions of 80s prom wear, through silhouette, and fetish gear, through fabrication, she created the collection "Sweet Tooth." Ultimately it is an homage to the woman who made her who she is today, which is why each look is named after an influential woman in her life. Most importantly she wanted to pay thanks to her Nan, as without her she would have never learnt to sew.

Lucy was also inspired by her love of sweets and their wrappers. Using Quality Street as inspiration to evolve the big shoulders that were seen in her 80s based research. Maybe having a Sweet Tooth isn't so bas after all.

These photo shoots show Lucy's work in a range of environments, she collaborated with female creatives for all of them.

Her proudest achievement is dressing Girli for London pride 2022, pictured below.