I am formless and everywhere. I am in everything. I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space. All that you see, taken together, is myself. - Sai BaBa

In Lydia Fung’s MA collection Nebulous Erotica, she is trying to see the new age intimacy through her own world. Lydia started with her 2D visual exploration to express the freedom of endlessness and formless erotica in the digital age, there are no ends and beginnings of bodies in her images, every interaction, every object, subject is formless.

It is amorphous, it is raw, it is not fixed, it is freed. How bodies interact intimately with each other is purely based on the essence, based on a formless bond, based on the tension in between. The erotica, the essence and tension is not only formed between two parties. In Lydia’s world, it is formed between the subject, the object and the viewer. The role is unfixed, is nebulous, is all you.

She implemented everything she knows about textile design into creating an overall immersive three dimensional experience for her collection because intimacy and erotica are about this unconstructed form between people, so she wanted everything to be blending in and out from the background to the subjects until everything is indistinguishable. She expanded her collection into many different fields, from applying personalised textile crafting together with digital print; from films to real life contemporary dance performance in the final showcase at 180 The Strand.