Lydia Jackson’s S/S collection 2018 ‘BEAUTY WITHOUT BOARDERS’ was inspired by her journey around South East Asia. With the concept of beauty is a series of events, capturing the raw beauty of individuals, there culture and lifestyle. Designs were inspired by the vibrant busy imagery and developed into bold statement silhouettes. Expressing the idea of individuality and the idea of you don’t have to look a certain way to be categorised into societies idea of beauty.

During the process of combining the mass amount of volume and gathering silhouettes developed with a childish and fun style to them. This playful feel was further developed as Lydia combined her designs with a range of unique hand-painted prints expressed on a verity of scales. Layering of mark-making, shapes and colours and tied in with colourful trimmings and handcrafted accessories. This combination of innovative silhouettes and wacky printed patterns shows a unique vision of beauty.
the gaze of a modern artist.
The collection has translated a unique and personal theme. Singerly the garments are exploding with creativity but when placed as a collection they tell a story, an expression of beauty. The pieces are is more than just a fashion statement they are a form of art. The collection had a very well thought about the balanced vision, the heavy prints and oversized silhouettes were all controlled by the different colour combinations.