Imagery source photography and paintings in combination with secondary WGSN research into trends, however as the collection aimed to be durable the colour scheme had to work outside the boundaries trends. The fabric samples pulled colours from the moorland landscape shown into the photograph.

The moodboard is minimal, however it indicates the angles which have been pulled out, especially those of the mill roofs. The mill roofs are a feature though the collection being depicted in the V an dyke stitching and pararell lines.

Development to design a toile print for the linings of the outerwear. The images uses are locations around Huddersfield and the Mcnair Shirt Mill all drawn in water soluble ink. These print was designed to create a visable link to the town and explore it’s provence in the textiles manufacturing industry.

Considerable research was conducted into competitors to pull key features and gain inspirations. Competitors also allowed investigation into construction techniques and fabrics of a similar market level.