Lyurong (Blynda) Chen’s graduate collection ‘The Absurdity of Desire’ explores shape, body and form in the form of contemporary menswear. It was inspired by the 2 films: The Next Floor and The Platform, both of which depicts a dark and grotesque side of food consumption. This prompted Blynda to look at her relationship with food focusing on the physical mess and emotional stress when eating. Blynda aims to discover the artificial grotesque hidden behind the ephemeral pleasure and desire when we consume food and sweets.

Images relating to the grotesque and gluttony are sometimes exaggerated in a reoccurring circular form of distortion within these grotesque images. Therefore, a dome magnifier is used to create distortion from the similar shapes of Ken Price’s sculptures named “Strictly Pleasure”.

Our body’s reaction to the stress of food consumption and the fullness after overconsumption is as if the strings are changing the shape of the statue. The irregular and voluminous bumps are created when the outline of the statue is bounded by elastic threads.

This is the final lineup of the collection. The pastel colour contrasts with the voluminous shape of the garments to depict the hidden grotesque. Blynda designed the prints herself inspired by the mess we make while eating sweets. It is digitally printed on a poly duchess fabric to make the point that a lot of the times we are not alerted by the artificial flavouring and colouring when consuming. These chemicals “fake” a pleasant experience although have no value/ benefit to us whatsoever.