Bringing together new technologies and artisanal work, Mädi was established in the birthplace of the Swiss watch industry. The production mostly takes place in Switzerland, while the final assembly of products is done in Portugal.

With textile and the watch making industry remaining at the forefront of Swiss expertises, through close collaborating with various cutting-edge Swiss industries; Mädi benefits from the traditional local craftsmanship and aspires to promote it. The different pieces of leather are not sown but pieced together by rivets and studs. The clasps and buckles design is unique and authentic, thus setting Mädi apart from the market’s standards.

Jennifer aims for excellence in all stages of the production chain to ensure the high quality of the end product. For Jennifer, near and dear to her heart is the collaboration of passionate and dependable collaborators – she has thus enthused her co-workers with her own exacting work standards.

Mädi is essentially a Swiss venture, deeply rooted in the Helvetic ground. The leather selection takes place in Italy and the product manufacturing is partially entrusted to craftsmen and women in Portugal, thus benefiting from the historical expertise in leather goods manufacture of these two countries.

The meticulous conception of each product and the selection of outstanding raw material guarantees the excellent quality of each item.