MABEL TALLULAH is a fashion designer focused on creating genderless clothing based in Leeds, with skills and experience in Womenswear and Menswear design and pattern cutting. During the time when she was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Leeds Arts University, Mabel has been interested in sustainability and removing gender from fashion, addressing the problems of social constructs through design.

A strong belief in the importance of slow fashion resonates within the brand. Believing that investment and care are what should lie at the heart of every purchase and the ethos of ‘make do and mend’ needs to be re-learned. Nearly all clothing is salvageable and can be re-used and re-worked into existing garments or made into something new. Salvaged fabrics create unique, one of a kind garments that can’t be replicated.

MABEL TALLULAH strives to perpetuate the notion that gender is not binary, that all genders should be included and catered for in the fashion world and that no gender should be limited by a social construct when choosing how to dress. Designs are generally oversized and anti-fit, loose fluid shapes represent the ethos of the brand, showing how any individual can feel comfortable in these designs, whatever their gender, size or age.

This idea opens up a whole new way of thinking about the binary, pushing the concept of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ into more than just one or the other, they can actually both encapsulate so much more than the stereotypical.

The idea that gender is not binary and that all genders should be included and catered for is a value that takes the main focus of the brand, along with the importance of respecting and caring for our clothing.